1ju1sai - Dobin/Tea Pot (White Porcelain)

This kyusu is designed by MIYAMA, a manufacturer of ceramics, in Mizunami, Gifu Prefecture.
MIYAMA was founded in 1977. Using a technique called “casting” (a technique in which mud white porcelain earth is cast into a plaster mold), ceramics are made by many people and in many processes.
There is a gloss peculiar to white porcelain, and the lid has a thin tornado-like pattern.
The handle made of wood can be removed when washing.

- Size: 130mm × 100mm × 95mm (350cc)
- Weight: approx.300g
- White Porcelain, Made in Japan / Minoyaki
- Dishwasher / Microwave OK
- Stainless steel tea strainer is equipped

[Notes on handling]
- At the time of the first time of use, please wash with cold or warm water.
- Cleaning with abrasive detergent, cleanser, metal scrubbing, etc. may cause scratches on the surface, so avoid using it and clean with a soft sponge.
- Do not use in an no-water burning or heat on open fire, as it may cause damage.