TYPE : Black Tea
CULTIVAR : Benifuuki
MAKER : Oguri Tea Farm & Sugita Tea Farm (Makinohara, Shizuoka)
FEATURES : Juicy scent of peach, lychee and berry. Slightly sweet potato flavor



LEAF : 3g WATER : 150ml(5oz) TIME : 2.5min TEMP : 98℃


LEAF : 6g WATER : 150ml(5oz) TIME : 2.5min TEMP : 98℃ *We recommend to use doubled leaf not to become weaker when the ice melt.


Motoyuki Sugita, the owner of the farm is the 2nd-generation owner. He also works as a representative of “Association of the farm and the sun” to make sustainable agriculture into tea farming of Makinohara area. This is the reason why he chose “Chagusaba Farming (Traditional tea-grass integrated method)”. This method is recognized as World Agricultural Heritage, create a rich soil by spreading dried grasses on the farm, and also it contributes to the preservation of the living things diversity around the tea farm. This is why his farm is quite beautiful and such a nice tea.


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