SAI0001 "HARUMIDORI" (40g)

Option : Tea Drip Bag

Type: Sencha(Green Tea)
Cultivation: Shaded(Kabuse)
Maker: Hiraoka Tea Farm (Tokorozawa, Saitama)
Taste Notes: Sweetness, Umami, Bitterness, Full-bodied , Fresh Leaves

All individually packaged: 10packs (4g each)

  • LEAF: 4g
  • WATER: 120ml(4oz)
  • TIME: 120sec
  • TEMP: 60℃


The charm of Mr. Hiraoka's Harumidori lies in the rich flavor and the depth of flavor created by its astringency.

I have tried various ways to brew, and finally found that brewing it slowly at 60 degrees Celsius is the most balanced temperature to enjoy this tea.

If you don't have a temperature-controlled electric kettle or thermometer, use the following method to cool the water.

  1. Boil water and transfer to a teacup once.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes to allow the temperature to drop to around 60 degrees.

*The temperature drop will vary depending on the shape and material of the teacup.

How to Brew

  1. Prepare the water at 60 degrees Celsius.
  2. Put the tea leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water. After 120 seconds, pour the water into the cup.
  3. Make sure do not shake the teapot when you pour to prevent tea leaves touch each other and extract unpleasant flavor.
  4. The last drop from the teapot is a superb drop of tea, rich in the flavor of the tea leaves. Pour every last drop of tea gently.


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Hiraoka tea farm has over 300 years of history, and Tadahito is the 11th generation of the farm. They are one of the longest-established farmers we know. In their factory, you can see many historical tools here and there, and you can't help but be fascinated by the atmosphere that only old tools have.

Mr. Hiraoka's Harumidori has less bitterness and astringency, with a thicker texture that allows you to feel the umami well. In the aftertaste, bitterness gently carries away and adds depth to the flavor and giving it a full-bodied taste. It is a well-balanced tea that allows you to clearly feel the outline of the taste.

As the ancient song said “Shizuoka has the finest color, Uji has the finest fragrance, and the tea with the best taste is Sayama”, it is one of the three most famous teas in Japan, although Sayama tea is produced in small quantities. His "Harumidori" offers an irresistible taste and lets you feel the charm of Sayama tea, which has been sung about since ancient times.