SHZ0008 "YABUKITA" (40g)

Option : Tea Drip Bag

Organic Made. Natural Umami spreads to your body.

This sencha has a well-balanced flavor typical of organic teas and a wild taste unique to the native cultivar.
All teas produced by Mr. Mukojima are refreshing and easy to drink with a sharp, astringent taste, making them perfect for everyday use and making you want to drink them daily. There are almost no peculiarities in the aroma, and you can enjoy the straightforward flavor of the tea.

Type: Sencha (Green Tea)
Cultivar: YABUKITA
Cultivation: Open Field
Maker: Happy Mukojima Tea Farm (Fujieda, Shizuoka)
Taste Notes: Umami, Astringency, Fresh Leaves, Sharpness

All individually packaged: 10packs (4g each)

  • Leaf : 4g
  • Water : 120ml(4oz)
  • Time : 100sec
  • Temp: 70℃


If you don't have a temperature-controlled electric kettle or thermometer, use the following method to cool the water.

  1. Boil water and transfer to a teacup once.
  2. Wait for 3 minutes to allow the temperature to drop to around 70 degrees.

*The temperature drop will vary depending on the shape and material of the teacup.

How to Brew

  1. Prepare the water at 70 degrees Celsius.
  2. Put the tea leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water.
  3. After 100 seconds, pour the water into the cup. Make sure do not shake the teapot when you pour to prevent tea leaves touch each other and extract unpleasant flavor.
  4. The last drop from the teapot is a superb drop of tea, rich in the flavor of the tea leaves. Pour every last drop of tea gently.


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  • Items that fall under the post delivery size (such as tea) will be delivered directly to your mailbox.

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We still remember our surprise when we first visited Mr. Mukoujima's farm.
Aside from the fact that he organically manages 11 ha of farms, what surprised us was the unique way he grows his tea trees. On a typical farm, two rows of tea trees are planted in a zigzag pattern, spaced about 50 cm apart, but this is entirely different at his farm.

To keep the tea trees as stress-free as possible and allow them to grow in a natural environment, only one row of trees is planted every 1 meter apart.
On his farm, the number of tea trees in rows is less than half the usual way. This method, called "Ippon-jiitate," allows his tea trees to grow deeper and broader to absorb more nutrients and grow better.

The trunks are many times thicker than regular trunks, and when cut, you can see the annual rings on the trunks. The flavor and aroma are well-balanced, and the taste is modest but gradually permeates the body. Please enjoy the taste of organic tea as it is in its natural state, which only he can produce.