After trying tea all over Japan,
we got fascinated with the variety of tea flavors.

Tea with rich umami
Tea as sweet as milk
Tea with crisp astringency
Tea with the floral and herbal aroma

Climate, location, cultivation and processing methods, etc.
FAR EAST TEA COMPANY pays attention to "Cultivars" among many factors that influence tea flavor.

Tea flavor varies a lot by cultivar.
So do taste, aroma, liquid color, how to brew, and even the drinking scene.
Different cultivars become entirely different tea.

At present, there exist more than 100 types of tea cultivars. However, over 60 years ago, more than 90% of Japanese sencha (steeped green tea) was a cultivar called “Yabukita.”
It is the most popular cultivar in Japan, with an over 70% market share.

“Yabukita” was high-quality as sencha and easy to cultivate. It grew popular explosively and became Japanese sencha’s standard immediately.

On the other hand, most other cultivars than “Yabukita” are minor, with less than 1% production volume.

When not many people know that tea has cultivars, only a few know these cultivars with small production volumes.

But we became strongly attracted by these less-known cultivars.

"yabukita" and "OTHERS"

FAR EAST TEA COMPANY decided to focus on tea’s individualities and pursue the charm of “cultivars” as the most significant factor when we became aware of how delicious single-origin teas are.

All the teas we offer are single-origin teas, single cultivars from single farms.

Tea producers have various concepts and thoughts for making tea.

Every cultivar has its aroma and flavor. We selected our products,

focusing on single-origin teas so that consumers can enjoy each cultivar’s charm directly.

As a brand pursuing the charm of “cultivars”

Our wish to pursue the charm of "cultivars" is also shown on our logo.

The discoverer of "Yabukita," Hikosaburo Sugiyama, is also the Father of Japanese tea's cultivar improvement.
In 1892, "Ban No. 1," a cultivar found by him, was registered as an "approved cultivar" for the first time in Japan, and the concept of "cultivar" first gained public recognition.
So we defined the year 1892 as the beginning of Japanese tea's diversity and set it as a symbol of our brand.

We're crazy to tea
We want to share our passion
for tea with you.

We have visited tea producers all over Japan, listening to their thoughts and hardships while standing in front of their beautiful tea fields and drinking countless cups of tea.

What kind of thoughts and history are there in their tea-making?
What is the secret of a delicious flavor?
Such knowledge makes a better tea flavor and amuses us to capture our hearts.

FAR EAST TEA COMPANY selects attractive teas only.

We visited tea-producing regions all over Japan and selected teas.
We wish these attractive teas entertain you with their own uniqueness and amusingness.

We hope your daily life is enriched with your favorite teas of your choice.
FAR EAST TEA COMPANY provides such an encounter between you and teas.

A limitless expanse of the endlessly exciting tea world to you.