Copper Kettle/Yakan



Azmaya's copper kettle are made in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. Copper, which is light and easy to handle, has excellent thermal conductivity, antibacterial and bactericidal properties, and chlorine decomposing properties, making it the perfect material for kettle.

The surface of the copper, which is a lively reddish copper at the beginning, gradually deepens and turns into a dull candy color, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

This can holds more than 2 liters of water when full, giving it an outstanding presence. It is sure to attract your attention in your kitchen.



Together with artisans from all over Japan, Azumaya is constantly improving its products by actually using them themselves.
The tableware and daily necessities bring to mind the good old days of Japan, yet they are also suitable for modern lifestyles.
It is a wondrous manufacturer that makes not old but classic and beautiful things.

  • Product number: AZSN00001
  • Size: W200×D175×H240mm (Including the handle. H150mm to the knob of the lid.) (2.18L)
  • Material: Copper, Nickel