Chinese Pitcher/Yuzamashi Large (Lime Stone Glaze)



The Chakai has a chubby texture.
First, fill the kyusu with hot water and then transfer the water to the chakai, which will lower the temperature by about 20 degrees.
Chakai can also be used as a pitcher, and if you pour the tea out into Chakai before pouring it into the teacup/yunomi, the tea will be more evenly mixed.

Chakai is the Chinese tea version of Yuzamashi.



Together with artisans from all over Japan, Azumaya is constantly improving its products by actually using them themselves.
The tableware and daily necessities bring to mind the good old days of Japan, yet they are also suitable for modern lifestyles.
It is a wondrous manufacturer that makes not old but classic and beautiful things.

  • Product number: AZKG00501
  • Size: W145×D94×H100mm (430ml)
  • Material: Ceramics
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