Fulico - Yunomi/Tea Cup (White Porcelain - 300cc)


This yunomi / tea cup is designed by MIYAMA, a manufacturer of ceramics, in Mizunami, Gifu Prefecture.
MIYAMA was founded in 1977. Using a technique called “casting” (a technique in which mud white porcelain earth is cast into a plaster mold), ceramics are made by many people and in many processes.

Because the bottom is not flat, it is a swaying cup.
All the patterns are drawn by hand and use pigments that easily permeate into the fabric, making it look like they are kneaded into pottery.
The porcelain glaze is applied only to the inside of the vessel, and the outside is baked without glaze, giving it a matte texture.
The vessel baked at high temperature is firmly baked and the white porcelain clay itself is vitrified, so it is finished flat without any glaze on the outside.

- Size: 100mm × 100mm × 80mm (300cc)
- Weight: approx.200g
- Celadon, Made in Japan / Minoyaki
- Dishwasher / Microwave OK

[Notes on handling]
- At the time of the first time of use, please wash with cold or warm water.
- Cleaning with abrasive detergent, cleanser, metal scrubbing, etc. may cause scratches on the surface, so avoid using it and clean with a soft sponge.
- Do not use in an no-water burning or heat on open fire, as it may cause damage.
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