Round Kyusu/Tea Pot (Matte Black)

¥6,600 JPY


A teapot shaped and inspired by the iron bowl that the Buddhist monks had. The classic shape of Nankei Pottery Studio, which has been made for over 50 years. It has a dignified appearance and has been loved since ancient times.

Porcelain clay contains a lot of iron and has been blended for teapots since ancient times. This teapot is baked by the method in which the iron content turns black without applying glaze. By not applying glaze on the inside, the fine irregular uneveness on the surface moderately relieve the astringency of the tea, making it mellow and delicious.

A fine "18-8 stainless steel net" is attached to the entire bottom of the teapot so that even fine tea leaves will not clog and tea will come out smoothly. In addition, there is a space between the bottom net and the teapot, and since the tea leaves do not soak in the water remaining after the first brew, you can brew the tea deliciously in the second brew. Easy to clean, just by "lightly rinsing". We recommend bleaching every 6 months if you use it everyday.


Nankei Pottery is a manufacturer of Banko ware located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. Their pottery, which started out as a "clay maker" who sells clay used for making pottery, is characterized by its unique matte color and soft texture.

Tools that have the best of both "arts" and "products" are a perfect combination of design and ease of use.

One of the attractions of their pottery is the carefully designed details that make you want to display them in your room, and as you use it daily, you will feel the comfort of using it, and it will gently fit in your life.