Kyusu/Tea Pot (Sand White)

¥6,600 JPY


"Shiboridashi Kyusu," which has been used in Japan since ancient times, is a brewing method that squeezes the umami of tea leaves from the hole (grooves) carved in the opening of the teapot without using a tea strainer. Commonly said, tea shouldn't leak from the lid of the teapot, but this teapot was born from the reversed idea of making a hole on the lid. The teapot body and lid have fine holes, making it suitable for brewing old-fashioned, coarsely strained tea.
One of the good points is that the tea strainer can be washed directly on both the back and front.

"Sand White" is made by engobe to the ground with white soil, applying a transparent glaze and firing.
"Sand Black" is made of clay that is argillaceous and does not absorb water. The inside is coated with vitreous glaze and is a pale gray color.
Both are made from original pottery clay that has been blended for teapots over 50 years ago.


Nankei Pottery is a manufacturer of Banko ware located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. Their pottery, which started out as a "clay maker" who sells clay used for making pottery, is characterized by its unique matte color and soft texture.

Tools that have the best of both "arts" and "products" are a perfect combination of design and ease of use.

One of the attractions of their pottery is the carefully designed details that make you want to display them in your room, and as you use it daily, you will feel the comfort of using it, and it will gently fit in your life.