KAG0001 "OKUMIDORI" (40g)

¥2,280 JPY

Option : Tea Drip Bag

Truly a "Coverd" / "Deep Steamed" green tea. Chiran tea with richness and umami.

Okumidori is a popular green tea cultivar with a well-balanced flavor and a strong umami taste reminiscent of the earth, grown in the abundant sunshine of the magnificent land of Kagoshima.

Type: Sencha(Green Tea)
Cultivation: Shaded(Kabuse)
Maker: Shimokubo Isao Tea Factory (Minamikyusyu, Kagoshima)
Taste Notes: Umami, Fresh Leaf, Laver, Spinach

All individually packaged: 10packs (4g each)

  • LEAF: 4g
  • WATER: 120ml(4oz)
  • TIME: 80sec
  • TEMP: 70℃


Ms. Shimokubo's "Okumidori" is a tea characterized by its soft sweetness, rich umami, and roasted aroma.

If you brew it at a too high temperature, it will become too bitter, and even at a low temperature, it will not have enough aroma, so it will seem a little unsatisfactory.

So first try to enjoy it at 70 degrees Celsius, where it has a good balance of aroma and sweetness/taste.x

If you don't have a temperature-controlled electric kettle or thermometer, use the following method to cool the water.

  1. Boil water and transfer to a teacup once.
  2. Wait for 2 minutes to allow the temperature to drop to around 80 degrees.

*The temperature drop will vary depending on the shape and material of the teacup.

How to Brew

  1. Prepare the water at 80 degrees Celsius.
  2. Put the tea leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water.
  3. After 60 seconds, pour the water into the teapot, shaking it slightly.
  4. The last drop from the teapot is a superb drop of tea, rich in the flavor of the tea leaves. Pour every last drop of tea gently.


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Kenichiro Shimokubo is one of the most passionate tea farmers we know. With constant research and attention to soil conditions, regular soil analysis, and home-made organic fertilizers, he creates the most suitable environment for tea.

He manages a total of 45ha and more than 20 varieties of cultivars, and one of the top-class producers in Kagoshima prefecture. He is a dedicated learner who never stops working to improve the quality of his tea every year. Mr. Shimokubo’s tea features its taste created by the mild climate and rich farmland of Kagoshima.

Among many cultivars, Okumidori is a cultivar characterized by its rich umami flavor and fresh, clear, and refreshing aroma. The fragrant-finished tea leaves have a powerful taste with rich umami and a wonderfully fresh, vegetal aroma. This year’s Okumidori is produced as it tastes unforgettably impressive. Hope you enjoy the distinguishing rich taste.