Yunomi/Tea Cup (White Sumi Crackle Glaze)


Surface is smooth and lustrous, and is colored with black (crack) ink to create a beautiful pattern.

"Kannyu" is a small crack in the surface of the glaze due to the difference between the shrinkage of the base material and the glaze. Sumi Crackle Glaze (Japanese: 墨貫入 sumi-kannyu) is made by penetrating the cracks in the glaze called "kannyu". The more you use it, the more it will develop new Kannyu.

Since it has some water absorption properties, darker colors such as tea or coffee will soak into the perforated part of the pot. You may hear a cracking sound at the beginning of use, but you can use it with no problem.



  • Product number: W007
  • Size: W74/H55 (mm) (100cc)
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Microwave Oven: ×
  • Open fire: ×
  • Dishwasher: ×

Crackle Glaze

  • Please use a neutral detergent for cleaning. Do not use sponges with abrasives, metal scrubbers, cleansers, etc. There is a risk of damaging the vessel.
  • As the raw material is porcelain clay containing iron powder, black spots may appear on the surface, but please enjoy it as a texture of the product.
  • Sudden temperature changes may cause damage. Please handle with care.
Shipping, Tax

Shipping in Japan

  • We will send your order by Japan Post or Sagawa Express.
  • We deliver tea at a flat rate of 250 yen (free shipping for orders over 3,000 yen) and other items at a flat rate of 650 yen (free shipping for orders over 12,000 yen).
  • Items that fall under the post delivery size (such as tea) will be delivered directly to your mailbox.

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