Which tea do you think tastes better, loose leaf tea or bagged tea?

Many people may think that loose leaf tea tastes better, but is that true?

What is the difference between tea bags and loose leaf teas?

Tea bag is a portion served with measured tea leaves in a small tea bag, whereas loose tea is the tea served as is.

Loose leaf teas take more work to make, but you can adjust the weight of tea leaves to change the strengths of your tea according to your mood, and loose leaf teas are normally more reasonable than tea bags.

On the other hand, tea bags are easier to be made, cleaned afterward and carried.

There have lately been more households without teapots as they only have tea bags to make teas.

Tea bags and loose leaf teas are from the same tea leaves?

Some people think that bagged tea doesn’t taste as good as leaf tea, but that’s actually not true.

Same tea leaves are used to make tea bags and loose leaf teas.

In addition, there have lately been more tea bags designed to taste better as they are particular about the materials and shapes. Therefore, it is not true that bagged tea tastes less than loose leaf tea.

How to brew good bagged tea.

We are going to share how to make good bagged tea.

The good thing about tea bags is that you can make tea with no techniques, but you can make your bagged tea taste better by knowing some tips.

Pay attention to the temperature

Like loose leaf tea, you use hot water at 70-80 degrees celsius to make bagged tea. However, make sure to check the tea leaves to use as boiling water is more likely to create aromas in black tea and roasted teas like hojicha.

Do not dunk tea bag too much

Some people dunk their tea bag to diffuse more quickly / produce a stronger cup.

However, dunking the tea bag should be up to 4-5 times since crushing tea leaves by too much dunking may cause unpleasant flavours.

No pouring hot water directly on tea bag

With the same reason mentioned above (to avoid crushing tea leaves), gently pour hot water from the edge of the mug to avoid directly touching the tea bag.

Steep time is 2-3 minutes

Steep time varies according to the tea leaves. Check the direction shown on the package.

The feature of bagged tea is that you can easily drink it when you want to.

Although it surely tastes good simply by pouring hot water in, we recommend these tips for those who want to make their bagged tea taste better.

January 08, 2023