"Tsuyuhikari" is a green tea cultivar that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Let us introduce you to Tsuyu-hikari, which is excellent in every aspect.

Characteristics of Tsuyu Hikari

Shizuoka's star with "Asatsuyu" and "Shizuka 7132" as parents.

"Tsuyuhikari" is made from "Asatsuyu" also known as "natural Gyokuro," which has rich umami, and "Shizu7132," which has a characteristic aroma like cherry leaves.

"Tsuyuhikari" is a hybrid cultivar that combines the best of both "Asatsuyu" and "Shizu7132".

Generally, cultivars with a gorgeous aroma tend to have a strong astringent taste, but "Tsuyuhikari" overturns this theory and is a superb cultivar that combines both umami and aroma!

This cultivar, which was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. in 2001, it was selected as one of the prefectural government's recommended cultivars, and it spread widely in Shizuoka Prefecture.

It is now a popular cultivar throughout Japan for its flavor, and is truly the future of Japanese tea.

"Tsuyuhikari" is used not only for sencha, but also for Kamairicha, semi-fermented tea, and black tea. The "wilting" process brings out its gorgeous aroma and gives the tea a subtle sweetness.

Since it is a cultivar with low astringency, it is often processed into black tea with a light astringency and a clean, easy-to-drink taste.

High disease resistance and cold tolerance

"Tsuyuhikari" is a cultivar that is resistant to disease, pests, and cold, making it suitable for all regions of Japan.

Because of its resistance to cold, it can be grown in mountainous areas and in the northern part of Japan, and many farmers have adopted it because of its ease of cultivation and excellent flavor.

As mentioned above, "Tsuyuhikari" has only advantages, but how is its flavor like?

Taste of "Tsuyuhikari"

The taste varies greatly depending on how it is grown.

The taste of tea varies greatly depending on how it is grown and processed. Especially "Tsuyuhikari", which has two distinct characteristics, umami and aroma, is a cultivar that farmers have different concepts on which of these characteristics to develop.

①Sencha with a rich, nourishing umami

"Tsuyuhikari" is made by covering and deep steaming to maximize its flavor, resulting in a sencha that is truly rich in flavor.

Compared to "Yabukita", "Tsuyuhikari" has a cool, refreshing aroma rather than a green aroma, making it a tea with a strong umami flavor that can be drunk neatly.

It has a bright and beautiful water color, so when it is made with deep steaming, it becomes a beautiful bright dark green water color, which is also one of its charms.

②Sencha with a sweet cherry blossom aroma

"Tsuyuhikari" has a gorgeous aroma of "coumarin," which is reminiscent of cherry leaves. Sencha made with this aroma has a clear, delicious flavor and a sweet cherry blossom aroma that spreads softly.

In mountainous areas, where the sprouts grow softly, the tea is often made by shallow steaming to take advantage of the aroma, and this type of "Tsuyuhikari" tends to be more common.

As described above, no matter which aspect of Tsuyu-hikari you take out, it is excellent. If you like tea, you should definitely try this tea.

September 20, 2023