Single origin tea is one of the concepts of FETC. The cultivar "Kohshun" has the perfect personality for this single origin tea, which allows you to enjoy the individuality of each cultivar and farmer.

In this article, we will discuss the "Kohshun".

A remarkable aromatic cultivar from Shizuoka!

"Kohshun" is named after the aromatic cultivar produced in Shizuoka (Suruga country).

This cultivar is a crossbreed of "Kurasawa" and "Kanayamidori" and has a unique and attractive aroma, and is attracting attention as a new genre of Japanese tea.

As described below, because of its unique aroma, versatility in processing, and ease of cultivation, it was selected as one of the recommended cultivars by Shizuoka Prefecture in 2001, and farmers all over Japan have high expectations for this new cultivar.

Characteristics of "Kohshun"

A cultivar for single origin teas with a unique character.

"Kohshun" was registered as a cultivar in 2000, and since then it has been gaining market share mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture.

It has a completely different aroma from standard green teas such as "Yabukita" and is therefore unsuitable for blending, but on the other hand, it is good for enjoying a single origin tea with an appealing character.

Not only for Sencha, but also Black teas

"Kohshun", with its distinctive aroma, is suitable not only for sencha, but also for semi-fermented tea and black tea.

When processed into sencha, this cultivar undergoes a process called "wilting," which brings out its gorgeous aroma. Generally, sencha is made without wilting, but since this cultivar has an attractive wilted aroma, it is often made with wilting even in sencha production.

Of course, semi-fermented teas and black teas, which are made with more advanced fermentation than sencha, have more of the unique aroma of "Kohshun" and produce a wonderful aromatic tea.

In recent years, Japanese black tea growers have begun to pay more attention to this cultivar, and it is now being produced in many different regions.

High cold tolerance

Due to its high cold tolerance, "Kohshun" is a suitable cultivar for many tea growing regions in Japan.

It is more suitable for farmers in mountainous areas where its aroma can be used for tea production, and for farmers who have a sales channel for single origin teas.

As mentioned above, "Kohshun" has been highly anticipated all over Japan for its unique aroma and ease of cultivation.

How is the taste like?

The taste of "Kohshun

First and foremost, the aroma!

As we have mentioned many times before, the charm of "Kohshun" is its aroma. It has a refreshing aroma of herbs and jasmine, and the aroma changes little by little as the temperature changes. It is a cultivar that is so appealing that you will want to drink it again and again, as it shows a variety of expressions in a single cup.

It has a good balance of umami and astringency, and its mild taste on the tongue is the reason why it is loved by everyone.

In addition to the fresh aroma mentioned above, "Kohshun" processed into black tea has a fruity aroma like mango, and a green aroma like watermelon and vegetables.

Since this cultivar does not have a lot of astringency, it does not have strong tannins when processed into black tea, and many teas are refreshing and easy to drink.

The flavor of black tea varies greatly depending on the time of year when it is picked (spring, summer, or fall), so it is recommended to enjoy the aroma and flavor that changes with the season.

As described above, "Kohshun" is widely used for sencha, black tea, and semi-fermented teas. It is a cultivar that is sure to have a wide range of applications in the tea industry, so please keep your eyes on it!

September 20, 2023