Monthly Subscription Box of Single Origin Japanese Tea

Fine Japanese teas with the thoughts and stories. 2 different teas each month. ¥1,800 per month

Climate, location, cultivation and processing methods, etc...
Tea flavor varies by many factors.

Tea with rich umami
Tea as sweet as milk
Tea with crisp astringency
Tea with floral and herbal aroma

Among many factors that influence tea flavor, FAR EAST TEA COMPANY pays attention to "cultivars".
Our subscription box provides an encounter between you and unique single origin Japanese teas.

Let's Discover New Tea

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Tea Cultivars

Each cultivar has its own flavor.
Here are some of the teas that FAR EAST TEA COMPANY has selected to be delivered to you.
The same cultivar can have a definitly different flavor depending on the producer and region.
Enjoy the uniqueness and differences in the teas.

SAEAKARI|from Mie Prefecture

It has a lingering aroma like seaweed and sweet corn and a rich umami. You can feel the umami of the tea straight away.

FUJIEDAKAORI|from Shizuoka Prefecture

A sweet jasmine-like aroma spreads softly and a crisp astringent taste fills the mouth. I also recommend drinking it on the rocks with ice.

OKUMIDORI|from Kagoshima Prefecture

“Okumidori” has a rich umami and greenish aroma, which is appealing Kagosima’s mild climate. Once you drink it, you will never forget its powerful taste.

YAMAKAI|from Ibaraki Prefecture

The umai spreads quickly and leaves a pleasant bitterness. “Yamakai” is an interesting and unique cultivar that leaves an oily aroma like mayonnaise.

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